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My skills

Art & Design

More then 25 Years practice in art and design. Therfore please visit my homepage

Abaut 40 Years practice in Mechanics and Electronics

Software skills:

Linux, C, python, tcl, vhdl, perl, bash, html ... FreeRTOS
Quartus, Atollic TrueStudio, ST4STM32, STM32CubeMX, FW Profil (Finite State Machine Framework), EasyEda PCB Layout, ...
BlenderCAD, FreeCAD, IronCAD, OpenSCAD, STL, Rendering, Povray ... Inventor

Hardware skills:

STM32Fxx, STM32Lxx, CPLD's Altera, Arduino ...


3D printing, Construction, Nature, Tools, Machine design, Electrical, Household, Miscellaneous, Robotics, Tech Components, Computer, Industrial design and Molddesign.